Refirm Skin Tightening

Infrared  IPL skin tightening ReFirme ST uses infrared light to heat the deep  layers of the skin to induce collagen repair and tightening, while  protecting the epidermis during treatment by direct contact cooling.

What is the ReFirme ST Procedure? 
The  ReFirme ST procedure combines safe and effective levels of infrared  light and bipolar radiofrequency (electric current) energies to remodel  the dermal layer of the skin by stimulating new collagen growth. Both  laser and radiofrequency have been used separately for decades in  medicine and surgery, but the ST exclusively combines infrared light and  bipolar radio-frequency energy for ideal treatment outcomes with a very  low risk of side effects and virtually no down-time.

What Can I Expect from ReFirme ST Treatments? 
ST  can improve skin laxity and sagginess of the face and neck. Skin  texture can also be smoothed out by the tightening and firming effect of  treatment. This treatment is performed non-ablatively, which means this  is a non-invasive procedure. Most people leave the treatment office  with only slight pinkness or no pinkness at all. Clients can return to  work immediately.

How Many Treatments are Required?
Most clients will have between 3-5 treatments. Sessions are 3-4 weeks apart. Each treatment session typically takes 45 minutes.

Does Treatment Hurt?
No.  The ReFirme ST procedure is well tolerated by most clients without any  topical anesthetic. The treatment tip is chilled so it provides contact  cooling to the skin surface for added comfort.

Who Should be Treated with ReFirme ST? 
All  skin colors can be treated with the ST for laxity, sagginess, loss of  elasticity, or textural irregularities. Treatment can be done on the  face or neck. Individual client candidacy should be discussed with your  skin therapist.

Are There any Risks to Treatment? 
Any  medical esthetic procedure has a risk of side effects, such as  superficial blistering, crusting and on the skin. These risks are rare  and usually quickly resolved.


$200 per treatment
$550 for prepaid package of 3 treatments