OxyGeneo 3 -in- 1 Superfacial


Oxygeneo 3 - in- 1 Superfacial

Oxygeneo- Exfoliate + Infuse + Oxygenate.

OxyGeneo Facial -$160 per treatment 

Save 20% off your first treatment!

The Geneo Platform is the very first smart-touch skincare system that offers a new and innovative three-in-one facial OxyGeneo™ treatment. The Geneo device exfoliates and cleanses the skin while interacting with the nutrient-rich gels to create CO2 bubbles. This triggers the body’s natural physiological response to release oxygen from beneath the skin’s surface, maximizing the absorption of active anti-aging and skin-brightening nutrients as they are massaged deeply into the skin.

Why the Oxygeneo? Here are some key benefits of this popular treatment!

​-The benefits of microdermabrasion with deeper, longer-lasting results

-Immediate and clinically proven results

-Visible improvement of skin tone, texture, and suppleness after just one session

​-3-in-1 Super Facial gives a comprehensive experience of exfoliation, deep facial infusion and healing skin oxygenation

-Skin oxygenation aids anti-aging, dry skin and corrective skin procedures

-Minimize appearance of pores

Skin lightening and bleaching options for sun spots, age spots or scarring

​-OxyGeneo treatments benefit all skin types and complexions, including sensitive skin and skin prone to acne or scarring

-Pleasant and relaxing treatment

Clients love the immediately visible results

-Skin plumping & hydrating

-Restored skin volume

-Renewed youthful glow

-Increased collagen

-Reduced hyperpigmentation

​-Improved skin cell production

-Reduced appearance of wrinkles

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